Tai Chill Workshop Terms and Conditions

Code of Ethical Practice

The mission of Perth Tai Chi Academy is to encourage participation and the pursuit of excellence in all aspects of Tai Chi based training.

Any activity or even should be open to any student properly qualified under the rules of that activity or event, and every student participating in an activity or event has an obligation to participate to the best of the abilities. It is inconsistent with the Trainer / Student obligation for any Trainer to:

  • Restrict the ability of a student qualify or participate in competition because of the student’s association with a particular organisation or individual or because of that member’s race, sex, creed, sexual orientation, age national origin or mental or physical disability.
  • Participate as an assessor, trainer, student, or administrator in any activity where that student is inadequately prepared, unable to participate or fails to participate to the best of his or her ability.
  • Engage in behaviour which is disorderly or inappropriate as to interfere with the orderly conduct of the activity, or other members’ participation in or enjoyment of, the activity.
  • Misrepresent competitive achievements, professional qualifications, education, experience, eligibility, criminal record or affiliations.
  • Provide drugs and alcohol to, or condone the use of drugs and alcohol by minors, abuse drugs and alcohol in the presence of students or at Perth Tai Chi Academy training events.
  • Engage in any behaviour that utilizes the influence of a professional member’s position as Trainer, assessor or administration to encourage sexual relations with a student.
  • Engage in sexual harassment by making unwelcome advances, request for sexual favours or other verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature where such conduct creates an intimidating, hostile or offensive environment.


Code of Participant or Student Conduct

Any participant is in breach of the code of conduct if the said participant or student is found:

  • Abusing, denigrating, harassing or attempting to intimidate any other student, participant, trainer or assessor.
  • Discriminatory or offensive behaviour related to the race, colour, religion, age, sexual orientation or gender of any person.
  • Failing to follow the directions of the Head Trainer and staff, or acting in a way that undermines the authority of those officials, whilst a participant or student.
  • Consumption of alcohol or recreational drugs on the day of a training program and prior to the conclusion o f that person’s duties as participant or student.
  • Use of, or encouragement to use, banned substances to enhance or inhibit performance.
  • No refunds to participants or student if said participant or student is found to be in breach of the code.


Grievance and Appeals Procedure

Candidates have the right to challenge the assessment decision made by the assessor. The following steps are to be followed if a candidate wishes to exercise the right.

  • The candidate should first discuss his/her opinions with the assessor. If still not satisfied with the decision the candidate may appeal to his/her Supervisor. He/she must notify the assessor of the intention of the appeal.
  • The Supervisor will notify the assessor that an appeal has been lodged.
  • The Supervisor will collect information from the candidate and assessor and give a decision.
  • Full refund of course fees if participant was absent.
  • No refunds or extra fees, if another assessment is required with another assessor.
  • A record of the appeal and subsequent actions and findings will be made.



The information gathered (including candidate name, other personal details results) will only be used by the training organisation for specific purposes.


Canellation and Refund Policy

All courses are offered with the expectation of a particular minimum number of participants. If the this minimum is not achieved seven days prior to a start date, the workshop will be cancelled. Those who have registered will receive a full refund, or the opportunity to convert their registration to another Perth Tai Chi Academy workshop. Perth Tai Chi Academy reserves the right modify, withdraw or make substitutions for any announced classes and to change instructors. All registered participants receive full refund or the opportunity to  convert their registration to another class if two days minimum notice is given before actual course start.