Better Balance Tai Chi Classes for Seniors and Older Adults July 21st 2023

Better Balance Tai Chi Classes for Seniors Older Adults is NOW OPEN FOR REGISTRATION.
These classes use authentic Tai Chi and Qigong movements that will help older adults improve balance in their life, both physically and spiritually.
Unlike traditional Tai Chi classes, there are no long sequences to learn or remember. Instead, emphasis is placed on body awareness, functional fitness and centred breathing techniques. Classes are also infused with philosophical elements that help provide you with a positve mindset to improve quality of life. Classes are held in a safe environment that practices safe-distancing by a Covid Safe certified instructor.
Details for the classes once confirmed are as follows:
  • Better Balance Tai Chi for Older Adults
  • Rossmoyne Hall, 71 Central Road ROSSMOYNE
  • Fridays 10.15am-11.15am
  • $100 for a 10 week term (once a week)
To REGISTER for these classes go here: Better Balance Tai Chi