COVID-19 Safety Plan Procedures

All participants must familiarise themselves with the following procedures before returning to regular classes.

1. Before arriving to the venue:

  • Anyone showing signs or symptoms of coronavirus are advised to stay home.
  • If anyone is uncertain about returning to classes, they are advised to stay home.
  • Classes will be at a capacity of no more than 20 participants plus 2 senior members and 1 instructor each session.

2. Participants entering the venue:

  • Participants will be instructed by a senior member to line up in a single file formation following the 1.5 metre social distancing guidelines.
  • Before entering the hall, participants will undergo a temperature check using a contactless forehead thermometer.
  • If a participant is showing temperature reading of 37.5°or higher and symptoms of fever will be instructed to go home.
  • Inside the foyer area, another senior member will advise participants to disinfect using the supplied hand sanitiser station.
  • A sign in waiver will be signed by each participant using their own pen acknowledging and following the COVID Safety plan.
  • Participants will place personal belongings in the kitchen area and will only be allowed to bring their water bottle into the hall area.

3. Inside the hall area:

  • Participants will be designated to measured positions that follow safe distancing guidelines.
  • Lead instructor will be limited to the stage area which follows safe distancing guidelines.
  • Lead instructor will utilise the use of a face mask during the session if it is mandated.
  • Each session is non-contact and there is no equipment that involves sharing.
  • Where items are shared, these will be wiped down and disinfected.
  • During rest breaks, participants will have the opportunity to wash and sanitise their hands regularly.
  • In the event of a breakout during a session, the classes will go into immediate lockdown and City of Canning will be notified of the incident.

4. Participants leaving the venue:

  • At the end of each session, participants will be instructed to leave the hall one by one beginning with the participants closest to the exit leaving first and participants nearest the stage leaving last.
  • Everyone will be advised to wash and sanitise their hands as they leave.

5. Back to back classes:

  • Where there are days in which the classes are back to back, sessions times will be adjusted for the transition between participants leaving the earlier class to the participants entering the next class.
  • Participants of the later class will remain inside their cars of the carpark area until all the participants of the earlier class have left.
  • The senior member will then motion to them when it is safe to enter the venue and instruct them following the procedures outlined in item 2.