Stay At Home Tai Chi – Live Stream Classes

Stay At Home Tai Chi is a uniquely devised tai chi program that be done with an instructor from the confinement of your home. Stay At Home Tai Chi is suitable for all fitness levels and will make you feel fit and rejuvenated after.

Each session is divided into four components:

  1. Specific exercises that gets the body warmed up
  2. A qigong routine that stretches the body and cultivates qi (chi) energy
  3. A short lesson learning some basic tai chi movements.
  4. Finish the session with a relaxing cooldown.

No prior tai chi experience is necessary. All you need is:

  • a computer or mobile device with internet access
  • a small area with enough room to move
  • an open mind and positive attitude

Stay At Home Tai Chi will soon be available, if you are interested for more information you can send an email to: