About Us

Our History

Beginning in 2010, Perth Tai Chi Academy was soley delivering Tai Chi sessions for the corporate market in the Perth Metro area. Regular classes were then created for classes outside of regular office hours. For more information about these classes, see our Class Times.

Our Vision

Our vision is to bring Tai Chi into the popular mainstream not only as a holistic form of exercise like Yoga, but also use Tai Chi as a philosophical form of fitness to improve your quality of life. Ready to get started? Go to our Onsite Courses to begin.

Onsite Classes

Sign up as member today and enjoy a wonderful, low-impact workout that makes you feel great. You’ll be sure to find the right Tai Chi experience that suits your needs. Our courses are mainly suited for beginners who have never done Tai Chi before and are curious about starting. However, if you have had some prior experience, we have an advanced curriculum that you will find challenging yet enjoyable at the same time. There are plenty of different programs to offer that will make your Tai Chi training a life long journey. Go to here to our Curriculum page and see how you can get started.

Corporate Sessions

Have an instructor come to your place of work and deliver a relaxing session of Tai Chi to your staff. Choose from single sessions or a short course. What ever your requirements are, we can tailor our sessions to suit your needs. You may just want to a simple relaxing workout session, or you may be interested in the learning the fundamental basics through a short course. Sometimes a simple demonstration and philosophical lecture may be enough to inspire your staff to adapt Tai Chi into a healthier lifestyle choice. To book an instructor for your next company event, go to our Contact page for further information.

Online Membership

Can’t make it to any of our regular classes? We have now created unique beginner courses that you can learn from your own computer or mobile device at your own convenience.  All our online lessons have been constructed specifically to make it easier for you to understand and practice on your own. The online videos and courses are structured in such a way to give you, as a beginner, an in depth overview and the fundamental knowledge behind Tai Chi in order to help you advance quicker if you ever decide to take up further training with our onsite courses. Go to our Online Videos page to get started.

Workshop Seminars

Seminars and workshops are an informative session where you can explore the philosophy and theory behind Tai Chi in depth. Our seminars not only teach some basic movements, but also go into some background history and theory of different Tai Chi styles. To appreciate Tai Chi and its benefits, you will discover the philosophical roots and how to apply them to everyday circumstances to improve on a healthier lifestyle. Contact us for more dates and information.

Evidence Research

More and more scientific research is being reported to demonstrate the effectiveness that Tai Chi has on improving certain health benefits. Perth Tai Chi Academy is available to provide you with a tailored program for your next funded research project. Contact us for more information on what your objectives are and how our programs can gather you detailed results.