Frequently Asked Questions

Tai Chi – What You Need To Know Before You Begin

What is Tai Chi?

Tai Chi originated as an internal form of Chinese Martial Arts practiced for its self defence training and its health benefits. The practice of Tai Chi usually involves learning and memorising a series of movements into a complete routine.

Tai Chi is not generic.

Tai Chi has many different styles such as Chen style, Yang style, Wu style and Sun style. There are also other lesser known styles and within each style there can be many different routines to be studied. Discuss with your instructor early on to understand which style and what routine you are learning.

A Tai Chi Class is not the same as attending your regular Yoga or Aerobics type class.

Because of its background in martial arts training, Tai Chi is unlike other fitness classes where the participant simply copies the instructor’s movements for an effective workout and goes home and forgets about it until the next class. As mentioned, Tai Chi involves learning and memorising a series of movements into a complete routine.

Why do I need to memorize the movements?

Becoming successful at practising Tai Chi involves different stages of learning. Learning to memorize the movements is usually the first stage for beginners. Tai Chi is an art that offers much depth for self-improvement in many areas of life. This can apply to both mental and physical health, and it all begins with a greater appreciation for the individual movements. If you are able to perform a complete Tai Chi routine independently without any assistance, then you will be able to feel the flow of energy and gain a stronger sense of confidence and coordination.

Why do I need to practice the same moves repeatedly over and over?

Instead of comparing learning Tai Chi like Yoga or Aerobics, you should think of it more closely to a Dance class. To appreciate its benefits, it is not enough to be shown how to do a Tai Chi move. You need to explore it further in depth and completely understand it to become skilled. To become skilled at anything, you need to practice. Practicing any skill involves the process of repetition.